About Francesca

Francesca is a New York-based actor and recent graduate of East 15 Acting School in London -- an offshoot of Joan Littlewood's famous Theatre Workshop. Soon after graduating, Francesca spent the summer in various fringe theatres, playing Dawn in Lobby Hero, Pompey and Iras in Antony & Cleopatra, and Julie in Pizza Man. Francesca also worked as a first-time producer, collaborating with some amazing actors, directors, and production managers.

Francesca has discovered that she's drawn to the stories of women uncomfortable in their own skin -- until they realize that it's their "flaws" and quirks that make their voices worthy to be heard. She has since permanently moved to NYC to pursue acting; the actress is eager to continue collaborating with game-changing artists and industry professionals to keep looking for the voices of women who have been pushed to "outsider" status by society. 



with Crow Theatre Co. at NY Winterfest

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photography: Alisha Wilkerson