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Introducing Francesca

Actor, Asian American, student of the world, and the dictionary definition of an Aquarius. Find out more.

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About Francesca

Francesca Sales is an actress currently based in New York. Her acting career started over 10 years ago in Boston, when she stumbled upon an acting workshop in her efforts to get rid of stage fright before a work presentation -- and the rest, as they say, is history. She trained for over two years at Michael Chekhov Actor's Studio Boston (while jugging a day job) before finally deciding to bite the bullet and go to drama school. Francesca completed a graduate program at East 15 Acting School in London, an offshoot of Joan Littlewood's famous Theatre Workshop.

Since graduating, Francesca has acted in short films and theatre productions at fringe venues (both in London and New York City) -- playing characters that include Dawn in Lobby Hero, Pompey in Antony & Cleopatra, and Z in Halz, an an original musical by Halley Platz. When she's not working her day job and attempting to learn new skills (like boxing and, yes, swimming!) and re-learn old ones (poetry!), you'll find Francesca constantly trying to master her on-camera technique at Kimball Studio or geeking out over scene work at Mark Evans Studios' Advanced Actors class.


Dawn | Lobby Hero

The Lion & Unicorn, London

Val | Neaptide

Arcola Theatre, London

My Demo Reel

Recent Highlights

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